Visual Arts

The objective of the Visual Arts Department of Faith Christian School is to provide students with an array of tools by which they may find a new level of freedom to express themselves while enhancing and honing their God-given creativity and talent , as well as provide a basic knowlege of art history, techniques, and vocabulary that will allow them to successfully continue an education in the visual arts at the college level.

Two courses in the visual arts are offered as electives including Art I and Art II.  

Both courses include a study of the mechanics of art and the application of various fundamental art techniques including the use of simple lines, shapes, and shading.  Students will progress to an in-depth study of color and many of its forms and uses.  In addition, the courses will include a study of art history through the ages from the primitive age through the post-modern period.  Students will also have an opportunity to utilize computer graphics to study the latest technological advancements in the visual arts.