"As a Faith alumna, I could not imagine sending my son anywhere else. Twelve years after my own graduation, I can see the high-quality educational foundation Faith provided me, both academically and spiritually. It is a surreal joy to drop off my son each morning into the hands of these God-ordained educators, knowing his life will be impacted as mine was. Thank you, FCS, for the sacrificial love you pour into our kids and community!"

     -Jada Thrower-Mathis, elementary school parent

     "Having had one child in public school and one child at FCS, we can say that there are countless benefits to being a part of the positive Christian environment at Faith. We are thankful for our FCS teachers, staff, and students!"
     -Kenny and Kasha Nix, high school parents

    "My husband and I truly feel a part of the Faith family. Everyone includes us and makes us feel welcome. As a deaf person, I am used to being left out in most settings; remarkably, this has not been my experience at Faith. The parent involvement is amazing. I have not seen anything like it at other schools. The staff is truly wonderful and they genuinely care about the students. Because of the low student-to-teacher ratio, the students are able to receive more attention and instruction. We are so blessed to have found Faith and thank God we made the right decision to enroll our daughter there."
     -Christy Kochie, elementary school parent 

     "After moving here 15 years ago, the great school debate began when our daughter was getting ready to start kindergarten. Faith Christian School was recommended to us as an option worth investigating. With much consideration, we decided to at least get our foot in the door since spots were limited in each grade and give FCS a try. Thirteen years later, we watched with pride as our oldest daughter walked down the graduation aisle with a burning desire to serve Christ in some aspect of ministry. Did she get that burning desire through her involvement at church? Yes! Did she get that burning desire through her family? Hopefully! Did she get that burning desire though her school? We sure think so! A goal of the school is to partner with families and churches in growing our children in their knowledge and love for Jesus. The decision was tough in the beginning... especially when weighing the cost of private school tuition into a meager budget. But God has been faithful. We now have two more children at FCS in the elementary school. We won't tell you that it has been easy on our budget; we will tell you that it has been worth the struggles watching our children grow in body, mind and Spirit at Faith Christian School. Thank you to all who are a part and continue to be a part in that growth!"
     -Kevin and Dee Anne McDade, 2015 graduate parents and elementary school parents

    "I am blessed to be at Faith Christian School because I am allowed to teach children unencumbered by Title 1 rules, IEPS, federal government visits, local school walk-throughs, required and frequent fire, weather, chemical spill, and stranger drills. I am thankful to not have to learn acronyms that will change in six months and for children who come to school well, on time, prepared, and without a sense of entitlement. I am blessed with students who come from Christian homes where values are practiced and expected and God is number one. I am blessed to express my joy that comes from believing in the one true Lord with a body of Christians who feel the way I do. Thank you God, Mrs. Fitzgerald. Mr. Phillips, and the school board."
     -Debbie Simpson, 2nd grade teacher