Technology Vision Statement: Faith Christian School strives to prepare its students to build lifelong digital literacy skills that are necessary to participate and thrive in college, the workplace, and society.

Beginning in Pre-K, FCS students have access to computer technology. In the lower school grades, computer instruction involves students becoming familiar with the computer and basic office applications, coding, digital citizenship, using educational programs and websites, as well as integration with math concepts learned in the classroom. 

Eighth grade computer instruction consists of students expanding on their computer knowledge through word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, graphics editing, 3-D printing, coding, screen casting, multimedia presentations, business applications, as well as digital citizenship.

Robotics is also offered as an elective for 9th-12th grades. Vex Robotics curriculum is used for this course.

FCS offers mobile iPad labs on each floor of every building on campus for classroom use. Two mobile Chromebook labs are also available. High school classes use the computer lab and library computers on an as-needed basis for dual enrollment classes, SevenStar online classes,
 research, class assignments and projects.

In these days of Covid, FCS offers a hybrid learning program, in addition to regular on-campus instruction. 
It is our goal to help our remote students to be successful by offering them an alternative learning environment at home in which to work. Students join the live classes and can interact with the teacher by asking questions, as well as participate in group discussions with on-campus students. This is facilitated through G Suite for Education, which includes Google Classroom.