New Family Referral

We will once again offer a $500.00 scholarship to any Faith Christian School family who recruits a new family to our school. The program not only assists our present families, but also encourages the recruitment of additional students which helps keep tuition low for all FCS families. 

In order to receive the scholarship, the following criteria must be met: 
1. An application must be signed by the a parent representing the referring family and the headmaster. 
2. The application must be completed and submitted prior to the referred family contacting the school. 
3. The student or students referred must meet all criteria for enrollment and be accepted at Faith Christian School. 
4. No scholarship is due until the new family has successfully enrolled a child as a student at Faith Christian School. 

We hope that you will take advantage of this program. If you are interested, you may pick up a referral form in the school office or print the form below.

Please click here for the New Family Referral Contract.