Elementary students in Pre-K through 6th grades have scheduled class time in the library once a week, in addition to open time each day when they may visit the library to read or check out materials. Students participate in storytime, library skills activities, and Accelerated Reader.

High school students use the library for research, class projects, and assignments.

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Circulation Policy:
  • Books are checked out for a seven day time period and may be renewed at the end of that time.
  • The day after the due date is a "grace day". If a student forgets to bring their book on the due date but brings it the next day they will not be charged a fine. However, if they don't return it on the grace day and return it two days late, the fine is retroactive and they will be charged for each day late.
  • Fines are .25 per day.
  • We will give overdue and fine notices to the students. Parents will be notified by email in cases of extreme overdues and fines.
  • If you have a question about a late book or fine, please contact Mrs. Yarbrough at .