Fine Arts

Faith Christian School offers a wide variety of courses in the Fine Arts.  It is our belief that human creativity is a God-given gift of expression that can be nurtured through skilled instruction to allow the individual student to reach a level of achievement beyond his previous imagination.  It is our objective to provide many opportunities for students gifted in the fine arts to achieve this optimal level of creativity. 

At the same time, we believe that the strategies and processes learned in the Fine Arts spill over into other disciplines within our school program.  The tools acquired can be useful in learning creative thinking, innovation, and leadership in all academic fields.  For this reason, we feel these fields of study provide tremendous opportunities for both the expert and the novice. 

Below you will find links to the wide variety of courses offered.  We recommend that you take time to review the instructional program in each area. 

Choral Music
Private Music Instruction
Visual Arts