Annual Fund

Contributions to the Annual Fund are used exclusively for the purpose of improving the quality education we provide our students and expanding our campus so that more children can have an opportunity for a Faith Christian School education.  As good stewards of our income, no donations are used for operational expenses at Faith Christian School. 

A significant amount of administrative planning is used to determine the goal of each Annual Fund campaign.  Each spring and summer, the needs of our school are prayerfully determined through the formation of a Capital Growth Plan and a Technology Development Plan through collaboration between the school administration and the Faith Christian School Board.  These plans are re-evaluated and updated each year. In our efforts to raise funds, it is our desire not to place undue pressure on stakeholders, but only ask that they consider whether they are led by the Holy Spirit. Our only request is for prayers for this ministry.

The blessings offered through the Annual Fund have resulted in tremendous growth for our school.   During the past five years, we have raised over one million dollars resulting in significant improvement to our educational resources, as well as our academic and athletic facilities.  Among the facilities added in recent years are The Commons, a new school office suite, choir/music room, journalism/art room, and additional elementary classrooms for grades three, four, and five, campus-wide security system and air conditioning for The Commons.  Improvements which have been made to our educational resources include expanding and upgrading our wireless computer network and adding fiber optic cable.

Thank you to all of the philanthropists who support the high quality education we provide our students.