Welcome from the Headmaster

Dear Friends:

As headmaster of Faith Christian School, it is my honor to have this opportunity to introduce you to our school. Faith Christian is a college-preparatory Christian school established in 1978 by Faith Presbyterian Church of Anniston and located in the Choccolocco Valley of East Anniston.

Although established by the Presbyterian Church, we are non-denominational in our theology, and therefore open to all students whose parents profess a belief in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. By emphasizing the essentials of Christianity and accepting each family for their distinctive beliefs, we are able to join in a shared mission of exploring the fundamental teachings of the Bible and applying those principles to teaching our students to be effective disciples of Christ.

As a college-preparatory school, it is our goal to maintain the highest academic standards. Potential students must meet established academic and behavioral criteria for admission to the school. Above-average students allow for a pace of instruction which is both rapid and rigorous. Our curriculum is designed to develop higher order cognitive skills to best prepare our students for admission into the colleges of their choice. In this area we have proven success, as over seventy percent of Faith Christian School's alumni have qualified for tuition-free scholarships over the past five years. Faith Christian School alumni have matriculated successfully through undergraduate and graduate schools to achieve careers in a wide variety of professions including medicine, law, ministry, and education.

Please take time to explore our website where you may learn more about our academics, athletics, arts, community service programs and opportunities for spiritual growth.

The most common description of Faith Christian School used by students, teachers, and parents almost exclusively is "family." If you have an interest in joining our Faith Christian family, please contact us to schedule a tour.

With the Peace of Christ,

Bob Phillips