Purpose Statement and Beliefs

Faith Christian School Purpose Statement

Faith Christian School’s purpose is to provide an exceptional educational program for each individual from a Biblical perspective challenging the whole student, offering a college preparatory education, and equipping each student to serve God and others in a global society.

Faith Christian School Beliefs
  1. God is the source of all truth and the Bible is given by Him as our supreme and final authority.
  2. Because each student is created in the image of God with unique physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual gifts, he is a valued individual within the community whose primary purpose is to glorify God.
  3. The student will model what he sees; therefore, by God’s grace, all faculty and staff should strive to be Christian role models.
  4. A variety of instructional strategies and learning activities should provide appropriate challenges for all FCS students.
  5. All aspects of our educational program will be taught from a Biblical perspective.
  6. The student is personally responsible and accountable for his behavior and personal integrity.
  7. The student learns most effectively in a safe, structured, and healthy environment.
  8. FCS works in partnership with parents/guardians in education, yet the final responsibility for the child’s academic and spiritual development is at home.
  9. The commitment to continuous school improvement is imperative in order to enable each student to become a confident, self-directed, life-long learner.
  10. FCS emphasizes spiritual development, academic excellence, and extra-curricular activities as a means to glorify God in a global society.