New Student Application

New Student Application Process:
  1. The application should be submitted to the school with all necessary forms and the enrollment fee. The application should be complete. If you would like clarification about certain questions or policies before answering, please make a note that you would like to discuss that particular item in the interview.
  2. The application fee is not refundable if the applicant withdraws after the application process has started.
  3. The school will contact the applicants to set up an interview time. 
  4. After all information has been received, applicants will receive a letter of notification about acceptance and grade placement.
  5. If the applicant is not offered a slot or a slot is not available, the enrollment fee will be refunded.
Please click here for the new student enrollment application (2019-2020 school year). Thank you for considering Faith for a high-quality, educational alternative based on Biblical standards. Call for more information at 256-236-4499.