Middle School

The Middle School Concept is designed to provide a smooth transition of our students from the more protective environment of the elementary school to the rigors of a college preparatory high school education.  Recent expansion of our facilities has allowed us to incorporate this concept into our curriculum. 

Educational research demonstrates that middle school age students mature more rapidly socially and emotionally than cognitively.  As a result, the methodology used in the classroom at these grade levels needs to be less teacher-centered, with a greater emphasis on interactive and collaborative activities.  As a result, the academic emphasis should be on team-building, spiritual and character development, fundamental skills, and study habits. 
As students move into eighth grade they work in conditions similar to high school, however, on a much smaller scale and without the peer pressure of older students. 

Middle school students in grades six, seven, and eight are located in the East Building for the majority of their academic day.  This benefits the students in many ways.  The time required to travel between classes is greatly reduced as classes are centrally located with easy access to the library and gymnasium.  Students are separated as much as possible from high school students, thus protecting middle school age children from the more mature conversation and behavior of their older peers.  Finally, the close proximity of the classes allow the middle school faculty to work in collaboration to provide a graduated schedule of academic and behavioral expectations that will allow the students to mature at a more natural and comfortable pace.