Varsity Girls Basketball

Head Coach: Casey Farr
Classification: 1A Area 12
Area Champions: 2016

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Date Opponent Location Time
11/17/2015 Ohatchee Ohatchee 6:00pm
11/20/2015 White Plains FCS 6:00pm
11/30/2015 Sacred Heart Sacred Heart 6:00pm
12/3/2015 Ragland FCS 5:30pm
12/4/2015 Jefferson Christian Jefferson Christian 2:00pm
12/7/2015 JCA FCS 5:30pm
12/8/2015 Spring Garden FCS 5:00pm
12/11/2015 Appalachian (Blackout) FCS 6:00pm
12/14/2015 Ragland Ragland 6:00pm
12/18/2015 Wellborn Wellborn 5:30pm
1/5/2016 Donoho Donoho 6:00pm
1/8/2016 Appalachian Appalachian 6:00pm
1/11/2016 JCA JCA 5:30pm
1/12/2016 Sacred Heart FCS 5:00pm
1/15/2016 Donoho (Homecoming) FCS 7:00pm
1/16 - 1/23/2016 County Tournament JSU TBA
1/25/2016 Jefferson Christian FCS 1:00pm
1/29/2016 White Plains White Plains 6:00pm
2/2/2016 Ohatchee FCS 6:00pm
2/4/2016 Spring Garden Spring Garden 6:00pm
2/5/2016 Wellborn (Senior Night) FCS 6:00pm
Feb 8th,10th,12th Girls Area TBA TBA
Feb 15th-16th Girls/Boys Sub Regional TBA TBA
Feb 17th-25th Regionals TBA TBA