Code of Conduct


Adopted by School Board on June 6, 2000
“It is the intent and heart of the leadership of the Faith Christian School to assist the parents as an ‘extension of their Christian home’ by developing a system of discipline in an effort to help mold the hearts of our children (students) toward a Christ-like behavior in their lives.” We feel that the school has a responsibility to re-enforce and teach the truths of scripture as depicted in God’s Word. No person can live a life of perfection twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. However, it is the desire of our school leadership that we encourage students to not only “walk the Christian walk” at school, but out in public as well. Students need to realize that it is indeed a privilege to attend a Christian school, and as a follower of Christ, his or her responsibility for appropriate behavior extends beyond the school campus or school activities. After all, appropriate behavior honors, not only God, but a student’s family, church, and school as well. Parent/Student Conversely, inappropriate behavior reflects negatively on everyone concerned. Thus, as a Christian school student and follower of Christ, it is essential that each student recognize his or her responsibility to walk up rightly and make the right choices at all times. With these thoughts in mind, the following guidelines are offered in an effort to bring “the correction in behavior” necessary when a student fails to uphold the Christian behavior expected of a student of Faith Christian School.

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